Fault Reporting Form

If you are experiencing a problem with your accommodation please complete the form below.

A guide to reporting a fault

When reporting a fault please provide us with as much information as possible, including:

  • Your full name, room number, email address and telephone number
  • When the fault occurred
  • Describe exactly what is happening, for example:
    ‘When I turn my bedroom light on the main ceiling light flickers all the time’
  • Location of the fault, for example, the boiler in the kitchen, main bathroom light
  • Have your tried to resolve the problem yourself?
  • Are there any other related issues?
  • Has this fault been reported before? If the answer is yes, please provide details

Please be aware that once a problem has been reported to us you will receive a confirmation email. Please keep this email safe as this is proof of the report.


A charge may be made to a resident for a maintenance call out if the item has been damaged by the resident through miss-use. For example, if flushing items such as baby wipes, cotton buds, kitchen roll or any such items which may cause a blockage down the toilet.

If you are experiencing a problem with your internet, please contact Grace Internet , our service provider direct: 

Call the Support Team on 01733 913603
Email c21tavernershall@outlook.com

Sending a email will automatically create a ticket for the internet to be fixed.


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    Once the maintenance report has been submitted we will accept this as your authority for our maintenance team or contractor to enter the property to resolve the issue.
    Please be aware no further notice may be given regarding access, however we will try and give you notice when our maintenance team will visit but this may not be possible in every case.

    We will endeavour to maintain our service standards (details of which can be found in your welcome pack) but we may not be able to complete the works within the guidelines we have set, for example if a specialist contractor is required, parts have to be ordered or if maintenance issues are received out of normal office hours, over a weekend or holiday period.

    Our out of hours emergency contact number is 01733 913603.

    Our out of hours service can be contacted if you have lost your key and are locked out (there is a charge for this service), or have an emergency maintenance issue such as a boiler not working, water leak or no electricity. For a full guide on our out of hours service please see the poster in the communal areas of your accommodation.